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Graphics by ShyBoy is a self made independent company that strives in bringing the most creative and imaginative art sources to the people that appreciate the creations that come from the human soul and are made by human hands. Authenticity is what we are best indenting in our services and productions. We also look forward in collaborating with other creative minds that have artistic talent and also have an urban style upbringing, keeping styles fresh and significant, giving any artist that contributes full credit for their ideas and work. Please support! For we need as much of it as possible since we start from the bottom of the bottom and if weren’t doing none of this we would probably be doing some negative activities with negative consequences. Thank you.
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Silk Screen Inquery
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For silk screen orders and designs please contact by phone or email. Payment for orders must be made thru payment methods or in person for requests to be complete.
Air Brushing Inquery
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For air brushing services please contact by phone or email. Payment must be made thru payment methods or in person for requests to be complete. Please note that airbrush service is a custom art work that has to be requested ahead of date desired, so please book a date and time to be precisely attended.
Custom Art Inquery
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Custom art varies in different handmade and original thought of and put together items such as, canvases, sketches/drawings, paintings on whatever objects or materials we can put our creative eager little hands on. For certain art pieces the original or copy print will be for sale and some originals not for sale at all. Purchases are made thru payment methods for orders to be sent out. Thank you. Orders exceeding 60 dollars and up are on the house. Once again thank you so much for your business and support. Graphics by ShyBoy LLC.
Tattooing Inquery
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For tattoo purposes please contact by phone or email to book appointments. A minimum 50 dollar deposit to book an appointment is required thru payment methods or in person.
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